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El Questro is the luxury base for guests to explore the diverse Kimberley landscape – some of it untouched - with personalised and intimate tours. Soak in the Zebedee Thermal Springs, cruise private gorges, rivers and waterfalls, explore from the air, horseride or hike the terrain on foot. The Homestead is renowned for serving gourmet cuisine in dramatic locations – an intimate dinner beneath the stars, or over a waterfall.

    Boutique Hotel

The Homestead at El Questro is an exclusive retreat situated atop the Chamberlain Gorge. The resort accommodation features magnificent panoramic views of the Chamberlain Gorge and river systems from sunrise to sunset. Nestled privately in the rustic Australian wilderness, the Homestead is the ideal place to fully appreciate the untamed beauty of the Kimberley. Guests at the Homestead are immersed in luxury with air-conditioned rooms featuring modern bathrooms and furnishings, surrounded by lush tropical gardens. El Questro provides the highest standards of service and cuisine, while maintaining true outback experiences for all who visit. El Questro Homestead is open from 1 April to 22 October 2016. Children 15 years and under are not catered for.

At El Questro Homestead, food and wine are as much an attraction as the wild country that envelopes the property. Every meal is brimming with ingredients of superb pedigree and quality, leaving guests to forget that 3,500 kilometers of rock and desert lies between the Kimberley and Perth. The neighboring Ord River Valley nurtures growers who provide a vast array of tropical and organic produce, supplemented by the abundant riches of Western Australia’s coastlines and paddocks.

Chef Alan Groom’s spirit of generosity is always evident, as in his hand crafted fare and bountiful luxe flourishes, married together in simple preparations that allow the flavours to shine.

  • Over 1 Million acres of wildness park
  • Luxury accommodation for only 18 guests
  • Pool overlooking the stunning Chamberlain Gorge
  • Renowned for serving gourmet cuisine in dramatic locations and settings
  • Personalised and intimate tours available
  • Abundance of luxury Australian outback experiences
    Boutique Hotel
    El Questro Rd, Durack WA 6743, Australia
    T +61 8 7210 9600
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